Comments on Keynote AC Cable and CryoParts AC Power Filter

Comments on Keynote AC Cable and CryoParts AC Power Filter

You’ll recall that I purchased two Keynote power cables and two AC-2 power conditioners from you. I have them setup so that a Keynote powers each AC-2 directly, with one AC-2 being used exclusively for my digital gear (transport and DAC each connected to a separate filter bank,) and my preamps (separate line and phono) and power amp connected to the other AC-2 along with my turntable’s power supply. Both Keynotes are connected to an FIM outlet on my wall. First let me say that I’m very pleased with the quality and the finishing of both of your products, and I’m a real perfectionist about the cosmetics of my audio gear. The Keynotes in particular with the Furutech FI-50 connectors are like pieces of art that I’m proud to have connected to my system. Of more importance is the impact that these two products are having on my system’s performance which is entirely positive. Many times when we make changes to our systems it seems like there are inevitable tradeoffs, and while we find some areas of significant improvement we often sacrifice some other aspect of the performance in the process. I’m very pleased to report that with these products being added to my existing system the changes are only positive. Since I have only used these products together I really can’t say how much of the improvement is due to the Keynotes vs. the AC-2s, but overall my impressions are extremely favorable. I listen mostly to acoustic jazz and blues, and there is now a much improved sense of each instrument’s natural harmonic decay in the recording venue. This results in a significantly improved soundstage since each instrument or vocalist is now being portrayed in their own space, along with a greater sense of air (or silence) between each of the individual sound sources. This also enhances the realism of the system’s musical presentation since it sounds less like hi-fi and more like the original performance being recreated in my listening room. Isn’t that really what hi-end audio is all about? I know that you have spent many hours and a lot of effort in the development and evolution of your products, and I would like to offer you my sincere congratulations on these achievements. I will appreciate the fruits of your labor each time I listen to my system.

Keep up the good work and please know that it is being appreciated.  B. K., USA

Check out the Keynote Here!

Check out the AC-2 Here!

The Axis upgrade (from my Polestar) promptly arrived and I’ve now spent about many hours of time, listening back and forth. The cable is connected between a Mac Mini running the new Fidelia player (from Audiophile Engineering) and a Wyred-4-Sound DAC-2. I thought that I might provide some feedback in the context of prospective customers, who might be contemplating an upgrade, as I did, from a Polestar. ‘

In the beginning I was using a standard, cheap usb cable. I read the reviews about the Polestar, and decided to give it a try, despite the logical ¾ of my brain saying this is a stupid waist of money… bits are bits. It took all of 5 seconds of listening to know that this was the most amazing, and most difficult to understand, audio component I had ever encountered.

The increase in musical purity over a stock cord was simply breathtaking. With that victory secured, the emotional ¼ of my brain, that was responsible for that win, started to suggest that an Axis upgrade would be a good idea. The logical ¾ of my brain objected again. It held the position that it can’t really get any better than what the Polestar did… really. After all, we are no longer comparing to a no-name cable, but a Polestar! The full-trade in allowance program allowed the minority to prevail, again.

So, how does it compare? The emotional ¼ brain is once again celebrating its victory over the logical ¾! The differences I hear are once again improved in all the usual audiophile terms. But more importantly, the music is clearly served better by the Axis. Most notably, the music has taken very significant step toward a relaxed, at-ease, analog-like quality. The music feels emotionally real, purer, with significantly reduced sense of digitalness (not that it was bad before!). But the amazing thing, and the reason this cable is staying here, is that all the above happens while the resolution and fine detail are increased. Yes no kidding, the holy grail of high-end audio (IMHO)… achieving live-performance detail, without harshness and long-term listener fatigue. Live acoustical music is full of fine details, has a sense of purity, and is never, ever glaring. Live acoustical music never makes you gringe. This ever-so-difficult, often mutually exclusive combo is what the Axis brings to the table. The Polestar is amazing in its own right, but it doesn’t deliver this kind of resolution and it doesn’t sound as musically “right” as the Axis does. So should you upgrade or stick with a Polestar? I’d upgrade to the Axis again in a heartbeat. Lee’s upgrade program makes that easy. But if you can’t afford to do so, please know that you’re still in very goods hands with a Polestar. But that’s the trouble with us (you know who you are), we are always wondering what if…. as in what if a Nucleus? Help! Make it stop!  DB, USA

Buy an Axis today!

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Essentia USB Cable

We are proud to announce the newest member of our USB cable lineup, the “Essentia”: it is designed to fit into the lineup nicely between the Axis and Nucleus v2, offering a “taste” of the Nucleus v2, while remaining affordably priced at under $1000 for up to a 3FT length.

  • In order to set a new standard of performance and improve on the remarkable Axis USB cable, this design is utilizing my newest custom manufactured CFDCT-UP-OCC-SPCu wire. This mono-crystal silver plated copper wire is drawn by a manufacturer that I have hand selected and have worked with closely with for years to ensure the wire is drawn, tempered, plated, and insulated exactly to my specifications. In addition, an integral part of the manufacturing process, and exclusive to Locus Design/CryoParts, is our world renowned CryoFreeze™ process. This new wire is a milestone.
  • As with all Locus Design USB cables, close attention is paid to mitigating mechanical noise and triboelectric effects. The core of the Essentia USB is a special dual braid of ultra pure CFDCT-UP-OCC-SPCu conductors; this precise, reproducible, and expensive computer controlled braid is proprietary and only available from Locus Design. This remarkable geometry is designed to mitigate degradation and interference with/to/of the data and VDC lines of the USB signal.
  • Fs with all Locus Design USB cables, careful attention is also paid to shielding; the shielding is comprised of a silver plated copper weave, strategic use of ERS fabric, and other materials. This shielding and damping is designed to isolate the data and VDC lines from any external influence, be it mechanical or electrical.
  • Most USB cables are shielded (if they are not, they SHOULD be), however it is very rare indeed to find a USB cable that isolates the data lines from the voltage lines. We pioneered our novel approach of isolating the +/- data lines from the +/- VDC lines with the Axis USB cable over five years ago.
  • Fully pre-conditioned via our custom CryoFreeze™ process, which includes deep cryogenic treatment, and “cooking” via our custom adapters to allow use on the latest version of the Audiodharma cable cooker.

$999 for lengths up to 3FT. $260/ft thereafter.

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Comments on Cynosure and Core

Well Lee, I have used a number of the best USB and Digital cables in the world. Then I gradiently plugged in the Digital Core and that increased the bass and transparency. I then added the Cynosure USB and that added a level of solidity and palpable image to the music that gave it a true realism.

So as you can guess I am very pleased, I definitely feel whatever techniques you use they are at the cutting edge of sound digital reproduction. Z. H. Europe

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Power Cables

First, a few words about our power cables and our beliefs. While our power cables could be considered “affordable” in the grand scheme of things, we urge you not to judge them according to how much they cost. As you read through the descriptions below, you will notice that we have gone to great lengths to design a cable that can take on all comers–no matter their cost. We invite you to compare any of our cables to your current favorite, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

What you will give up with our cables is ultra fancy packaging , bound and laminated owners manuals (you will get a users manual, albeit a simple one), or any other peripheral “frills”. We have chosen to forgo any of the “frills”, usually designed by marketing to enhance “pride of ownership” and let the performance of the cables speak for themselves. Besides, who ultimately pays for all of these “frills”? We don’t believe you should pay for anything but a top-performing cable.

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Polestar USB Cable

This is not a reworking of an existing mass produced cable, this is an entirely new design, utilizing my DCT-UP-OCC-Cu wire and hand constructed by me.

Close attention is paid to mitigating mechanical noise and triboelectric effects. The Locus Design exclusive Complect™ braid of ultra pure CryoFreeze™ treated DCT-UP-OCC conductors and Teflon air tubes make up the inner design of the cable. Over this base a tinned copper weave and strategic use of ERS fabric is added for shielding and additional damping. Finally, a layer of Multifilament nylon is pulled over the complete assembly for extra damping and aestethic appeal.

$249/1-3ft, $30 each additional foot after three. Please select the length you would like built and sent below. New! Polestar is now available with the “mini B” USB end, please request when ordering.

Bespoke, allow 7-10 days for delivery. *New! See trial policy at the bottom of the page.

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Herald Firewire Cable

After 15 months of development, we are finally ready to release our first FireWire compatible cable, the “Herald”. This cable is compatible with FireWire 400, and available in six pin to six pin termination only.

While we have been producing audiophile quality USB cables for quite some time now, we had to start with a clean sheet design for the FireWire cables. Some of the proprietary build methods and materials from the USB cables were able to be applied to the FireWire cables, however, in order to come out with a FireWire cable that we are proud to put our name on, some new thinking and ideas had to be applied. FireWire and USB seem to be in the same family, but they are very distant cousins, and required quite a different build than our award winning USB cables.

  • In order to set a new standard of performance, this is an entirely new design, utilizing my custom manufactured DCT-UP-OCC-Cu wire. Drawn, tempered, and insulated to my specs’s this wire also boasts as integral part of the manufacturing process is our world renowned CryoFreeze™ process, an exclusive to Locus Design/CryoParts.
  • Close attention is paid to mitigating mechanical noise and triboelectric effects. The core of the Herald is a Tri-Complect™ braid of ultra pure DCT-UP-OCC-Cu conductors and Teflon air tubes; this precise, reproducible, and expensive computer controlled Complect™ braid is proprietary and only available from Locus Design. This remarkable geometry is designed to mitigate degradation and interference with/to/of both of the data lines from the VDC line and ground.
  • For the Herald, we have developed a new special shielding comprised of tin plated copper weave, Mylar, Teflon, and strategic use of ERS fabric. This shielding and damping is designed to isolate the data and VDC lines from any external influence, be it mechanical or electrical. This shielding technique is unique to Locus Design.
  • We developed a new method of isolating both data lines from the voltage line and ground for the Herald. We pioneered our novel approach of isolating the +/- data lines from the +/- VDC lines with the Axis USB cable, but have taken it a few steps further with the Herald. Not only is each data line isolated from the VDC line and ground, they are isolated from each other.

$999 3/FT, $80/FT thereafter. As these are custom made, please allow 10-14 days for us to build your bespoke cable.

Coming soon, FINALLY, the long awaited Locus Design Herald FW800 cable.

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USB Interconnects

A few words about our USB cables and our philosophy. We have been humbled and overjoyed at the response to our USB cables. Since their introduction, our cables are considered by many to be the “Best in Class” and are used by many reviewers and musicians as their reference USB cables.

This overwhelming response is most gratifying as we expended a great deal of effort researching, prototyping and testing our USB cables before their release almost two years ago, and it is nice to know that many appreciate all the hard work, effort and money that was spent to develop them. Thank you to all who have purchased our cables and are currently enjoying them, and welcome to those of you who are just now investigating the difference a well designed USB cable based on solid engineering principles can make.

USB cables are tough to get right, and the overall performance of the cable depends on much more that using good quality parts, braiding or twisting some wire together, covering the whole thing in some type of sleeving/jacketing or Techflex, and getting some fancy heat shrink made up. Locus Design is recognized as the leader in the audiophile USB cable field, we have been producing audiophile USB cables longer than any other cable company, and continue to try and advance the state of the art.

As an aside, costs on raw materials are continuing to rise, however, instead of raising the price on the below cables, we will forgo fancy packaging that is designed to encourage “pride of ownership”. We give our customers more credit than that, as ultimately, the sound is what matters, not how nice the box it came in is. Your cables will be simply packaged, with an owners manual and an identifying label…that’s it. Simple packaging means less cost for you, less trash to dispose of, and less of an environmental impact.

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Cynosure v2 USB Cable

We are proud to announce the v2 version of the Remarkable Cynosure USB cable.

Over the past 4 years of building USB cables, I have learned a great deal, and am now applying this knowledge to improve the already stellar performance of the Nucleus and Cynosure USB cables.  The v2 version of both is available now.

The Cynosure v2 is a statement on ultimate USB cable design. The ultimate realization of my USB cable construction philosophy using a core of my custom manufactured braid of my customer ultra pure CFDCT-UP-OCC-Ag conductors. This new wire is a great step up from my previous efforts, and allow the “sould” of the original Cynosure to stay intact, while allowing the cable to be even more quiet than before, and reveal even more inner details.  As in the previous version, I surround the core with multiple layers (how many=proprietary) of damping and shielding. The layers consist of cotton, carbon fiber, Teflon, Mylar, Nylon, silver plated copper braid, and many more materials that I will not reveal. All Cynosure’s are hand built, burned in, and evaluated in one of my reference systems, by me personally.

Locus Design was one of the first, if not the first, to come out with an “audiophile” USB cable. The Cynosure v2 utilizes many of the new techniques I have learned, tested, and proven, over the past four years about USB cable design. 

It all starts with raw materials, I have a vendor partner who I have have taught (and wasted more money than I want to think about teaching them) to make my wire exactly like I want it made, and exactly to my specs, which I then treat with my CryoFreeze™ process as soon as I receive it. So, the raw materials are without peer.

I then braid this masterpiece of a wire into a proprietary braid so that the conductors are evenly spaced, and arranged in the configuration I want them to be.

Around this core, I then add many different layers of shielding and damping. Some of the materials I use are carbon fiber, cotton, SPC braid, ERS fabric, Nylon, Teflon, and many more. This damping/shielding arrangement ensures that the inner cores that carry the data and VDC lines are isolated not only from each other, but from any external influences to the cable, be they mechanical, or electrical. In addition, these layers damp the conductors themselves, and prevent micro vibrations inside the cable from affecting the signal. These layers are one of the reasons that the cable takes a while to “settle” back in after it has been moved, or unplugged.

I use two of these “assemblies” above, one carries the VDC and ground, the other carries the data +/- signal. These two assemblies are then braided around a core of different materials to further damp them, space them, and isolate them from each other.

Over the whole tri-braided assembly I then add more layers of shielding and damping in order to damp the whole internal build of the cable, and further isolate the inner assembly from the outside world.

Everything about the Cynosure is custom, the connectors, the wire, the way I damp and shield it, and even how I terminate it with the best Mundorf solder and a special adhesive material that not only does not negatively impact the sound, but makes the ends very strong and durable.

All of the above took me a great deal of money, listening time, and experimentation to find the optimum balance to build the finest USB cable I currently know how to build. The Cynosure is incredibly labor intensive, all of the materials are of the highest quality and very expensive, and the development took quite a long time. So, while the cable is expensive, the price is what it is, and if one wants the best, well…

For those who demand the very best, and have the means to acquire it. E-mail for details.

Starting at $3549 for 3FT.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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